January 16, 2020


Business Owner, Estate & Divorce Valuation of Digital Assets

January 16, 2020

Domain Name Assets (aka Brand Name Assets for Business Owners) can now be recognized for business valuation in changes of ownership, for estate valuation and for divorce proceedings.  Domain Names are business and/or personal assets.  Technically US Courts have called domain name assets both Rights Contracts and Personal Property; either way, domain names are digital assets and have a value.  Confusingly, this new digital asset is best understood as a hybrid, a combination of part commercial property and part art work.  Domain names have a retail value and a wholesale value like commercial property and art work.  However, automated online valuation tools are often negligent in the current market values of digital assets such as domain names.  Current retail and wholesale market values can be determined for a fee by professional Domain Name Agents hired to evaluate digital assets on behalf of a business owner, their family or estate, and/or divorce attorneys.  

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